Our Story:

A desire to keep the family farm...

In 2005, we decided that the family farm needed to stay the family farm and not be developed into a subdivision. As for farming, we wanted to grow something we loved. We love wine and wine grapes. So like the madman cited by Dali, we planted a vineyard.

In 2006, Scott and his father, Tom planted several acres of grapes with plans to become commercial wine grape growers. However with a change in Tennessee's law, it became apparent that eventually the farm needed to develop into a farm winery. With lots of work from their three sons and family, Scott and Rebecca began to build the infrastructure needed to start a small farm winery.

And In 2015, on Easter Saturday, Scott, Rebecca and their family opened Cellar 53 Winery to the public. A majority of the wines produced use Tennessee grown fruit. The winery currently has five acres of vineyards with more acreages being replanted with blackberries, blueberries, pears and new grape varieties.

Boone picks Chambourcin grapes - 2019

100% Farm Grown Chambourcin Reserve & Harvest White (Cayuga White) won Gold and Bronze at Indy International Wine Competition.

Our tasting room is currently closed.

info@cellar53winery.com | 615-934-3353

The winery does not rent out space for weddings or any private events.

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