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Current Red Wine Offerings:

Due to our small production lots, our wine list varies from month to month.


Brush Creek Sweet Red  | 16.95

Made from Concord grapes, this wine has rich berry tones with jammy finish.

Independence Red   |   19.95

Estate grown Chambourcin from our 2015 harvest and aged in American Oak. Blended with a hint of Cabernet Sauvingion and Merlot


(To preserve flavor, our red wines are not filtered. You may find sediment at the bottom of bottle.)


Current White Wine Offerings:


Brush Creek Sweet White  |  16.95

Sweet white wine with hints of green apple and citrus.

Harvest White  |  14.95

Estate grown Cayuga White from 2016. Semi-sweet with floral notes and a crisp finish.

Sleepy Bird   |  16.95

Vidal Blanc from 2016. Off-dry with fresh apple flavors and loads of wild flowers.

Procrastination Viognier   |   18.95

Dry with hints of tangerine and fresh herbal notes.


Current Fruit Wine Offerings:

Summer Peach   |   15.95

Our Cayuga White with infused with peach nectar. Mildly sweet.

Strawberry Wine  |  14.95

Sweet dessert wine made from local fruit - almost 1 pound in each bottle!

Blackberry Wine  |  12.95

Our 2017 harvest of farm grown berries! Think blackberry cobbler...semi-sweet.