Open: Thursday - Sunday: Noon to 6 pm

Current Red Wine Offerings:

Due to our small production lots, our wine list varies from month to month.


Brush Creek Sweet Red  | 14.95

Made from Concord grapes, this wine has rich berry tones with jammy finish.

Farmhouse Red Dry Concord  | 15.95

A off-dry Concord wine with notes of red berries and heavy fruits.

Independence Red   |   19.95

Estate grown Chambourcin from our 2015 harvest and aged in American Oak. Blended with a hint of Cabernet Sauvingion and Merlot.

Windrock Red   |   Sold Out

Returning October 14, 2018. Estate grown wine aged in Tennessee whiskey barrels.

Italian Influence   |   21.95

Sangiovese crafted by Dalton to resemble the wines they he loved while he studied in Cortona, Italy.


(To preserve flavor, our red wines are not filtered. You may find sediment at the bottom of bottle.)


Current White Wine Offerings:


Brush Creek Sweet White  |  14.95

Sweet white wine with hints of green apple and citrus.

Harvest White  |  14.95

Estate grown Cayuga White from 2016. Semi-sweet with floral notes and a crisp finish.

Sleepy Bird   |  15.95

Vidal Blanc from 2016. Off-dry with fresh apple flavors and loads of wild flowers.

Cotton Britches Chardonnay   |  16.95

Unoaked, this dry white has hints of lemon, citrus.

Procrastination Viognier   |   18.95

Dry with hints of tangerine and fresh herbal notes.


Current Fruit Wine Offerings:

Summer Peach   |   15.95

Our Cayuga White with infused with peach nectar. Mildly sweet.

Strawberry Wine  |  14.95

Sweet dessert wine made from local fruit - almost 1 pound in each bottle!

Blackberry Wine  |  12.95

Our 2017 harvest of farm grown berries! Think blackberry cobbler...semi-sweet.